Storing payment cards in the MINDBODY app

Tired of reaching for your debit or credit card at checkout? No sweat! You can add payment cards in the MINDBODY® app, and then use these stored cards to pay at the business. 

Before arriving at your appointment:

When you arrive at the business:

  • Let your service provider know that you'd like to check out using the app — your stored card will appear as a payment option when completing your appointment. If needed, you can also book and buy future appointments at this time.

Once your appointment is completed:

  • The business will no longer have access to your stored card. If you would like to keep your payment details on file for a future visit, you'll need to present your physical card when checking out.

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Can I use the cards stored in the app to buy class passes or products at the business?
Not at this time. This stored card payment method is designed with appointments in mind, allowing you to quickly purchase an additional service when you're checking out — without reaching for your credit or debit card.

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How does the business access my stored card?
If your card is stored on the app, the business will have the ability to select it as a payment method when checking out your appointment. Once your appointment is over, the business will no longer have access to your card details.

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Will the business see my card number?
They will not; it's completely secure.

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What if I delete my stored card?
You must have the card stored on your account at the time of your appointment in order to use the card to pay.

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Can I use cards stored in the app for my recurring membership?
Not at this time. Recurring memberships require a card be kept on file with the business. To do this, you will need to directly provide the front desk with your billing information.

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