Class Details screen

You can access the Class Details screen by tapping on the name of a class from anywhere in the app. 

Information on the Class Details screen

  • Class name
  • Class start and end time
  • Class description
  • Instructor name and bio
  • Assistant name (if applicable)
  • Business contact information
  • Number of open roster spaces, if the business allows it
  • Prerequisites (if applicable)

Booking from the Class Details screen

You can always book a class at the bottom of the Class Details screen. Your booking options will vary by business, class capacity, and whether you've visited the business previously. For instance, you may be able to sign up for a class at your usual business with a single tap, while a new studio may require you to sign a liability waiver first.

You can also book a class from the Favorites screen or by viewing an individual business's full schedule.

  • Book: The Sign Up button is shown when the class is free, you have an existing pass, or the business allows you to sign up now and pay later.
  • View Pricing: The View Pricing button appears when you need to purchase a pass.
  • Add to Waitlist: The Add to Waitlist button appears when you can sign up for a class, but it has reached capacity. Join the waitlist and you'll be automatically added if a spot opens up. Click here to learn more about waitlists.
  • Call: The Call button appears when online booking is closed and you cannot register through the app. Tapping Call will open your smart phone's mobile dialer application.

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Adding your classes to your calendar

Squeezing a class into your busy schedule? Just tap the Add to calendar button after booking for your class, and the MINDBODY® app will add your class reservation to your phone's calendar app.

Better yet, you can automate this process by enabling calendar syncing in the app.

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