Can I add myself to a waitlist from the app?

Yes! If a class is full, but space is available on the waitlist, then a button will display allowing you to add yourself to the list. 

How to join a waitlist with the MINDBODY® app

  1. Find a business you'd like to visit.
  2. Tap Schedule on the the Business Details screen.
  3. Choose your class.
  4. Tap Add to Waitlist, then confirm.

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Why can't I add myself to a waitlist if the class is full?

Each MINDBODY business decides how they want to use the waitlist feature in their site. If you can't join a waitlist, it's likely the business owner has waitlist restrictions in place.

For instance:

  • You'll need to have an existing pass, or purchase a new one through the app, to join a waitlist. Some businesses, however, will allow you to sign up without a pass and pay later.
  • The business may limit the size of the waitlist to just a few clients, or not use it at all.
  • The business can restrict how soon before the start of class that a wait list closes.

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