How to reserve a class

In a hurry and looking to squeeze a class into your busy schedule? We understand how valuable your time is, so we've made it easy to sign up for your favorite class with the tap of a finger.

If you've previously purchased a pass from a business, you can use that existing pass to sign in to class — just make sure you've synced your accounts before booking.

Passes still missing? Click here to learn more.

Where you'll see the Book button

If you need additional information before signing up, just tap on the name of the class. You can then complete your reservation from the Class Details screen. Click here to learn more.

Booking options

Your booking options will vary by business, class capacity, and whether you've visited the business previously. For instance, you may be able to sign up for a class at your usual business with a single tap, while a new studio may require you to sign a liability waiver first.

    • Tap Book if the class is free, you have an existing pass, or the business allows you to sign up now and pay later.
    • Tap Book and Buy if you need to purchase a pass. Your default credit card is selected automatically; you may tap the card number to select an alternate payment method or add a new one.
    • Tap Add a Card if you've never added a credit card to the app.
    • Class full? Tap Join Waitlist and you'll be automatically added if a spot opens up. Click here to learn more about waitlists.

    • Tap Review Liability Waiver if you need to view a business's terms of agreement. You'll only see this option when visiting a business for the first time, and it is not required by all studios.

      If you choose to sign the waiver, the completed document is sent to the business, and the MINDBODY® app will return you to the booking screen. You can then tap Book or Book and buy to complete your reservation.

      Click here to read more about liability waivers in the MINDBODY app.

Adding your classes to your calendar

Squeezing a class into your busy schedule? Just tap Add to calendar after booking your service, and the MINDBODY app will add it to your phone's linked calendar app.

You can streamline this process by enabling automatic calendar syncing in the app.

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